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Back2Us Network is a social advocacy podcast network where passion and purpose align to educate, empower, heal and transform our community one show at a time. Back2Us Radio discusses a broad range of topics including sexual orientation, disability awareness, mental wellness, educational advocacy, emotional freedom, meditation, and the power of intention. We have 19 hosts that dig deep to deliver podcasts 7 days per week and we are always looking for new hosts! We are YOUR podcast network...Created for the community by the community.  

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    The Strong Stance Stories: Both Sides Now

    Experience changes your life. It changes how you see things, how you perceive the world and your future expectations. With experience, you may look at life, in the words of Joni Mitchell, from Both Sides Now. On this episode, I’m bringing you stories from three trans folks about seeing different sides of their own personal life events.

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    The Strong Stance Spotlight: Chris Jennings, The Coffee King

    Today's Spotlight is focused on Chris Jennings: drag king, photographer, podcaster and host of the new weekly Facebook Live show, Coffee with Chris. They are truly an all around entrepreneur. We discussed what has gotten them to this point, what keeps them going, and their previous and current ventures, including a drag king focused photo book. We had such a great time with this conversation, so I hope you enjoy it.

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    The Strong Stance: The State of Queer Public Health

    With the recent House passing of the American Health Care Act (AHCA), the state of queer public health is even more unsure and in danger. Part of what AHCA does, and what has caused the loudest outrage, is make it more difficult for folks with pre-existing conditions to get and keep adequate and affordable health insurance, and by extension, healthcare. A few items that have been listed as pre-existing conditions by the Kaiser Family Foundation include AIDS, HIV, “sexual deviation or disorder”, and transexualism. Obviously these particular ones disproportionately affect the queer and trans communities, in addition to all the normal health concerns that anyone else has. On this episode I am joined by two special guests to discuss queer public health and their new podcast, aptly named ‘The Queer Public Health Podcast’: Tiffany Mott-Smith and Kris Oseth.

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    The Strong Stance Spotlight: Angela Dumlao & Call Me They

    On this episode, I am honored to have the brilliant Angela Dumlao as my Spotlight guest! We discussed their wildly popular trans and non-binary versions of the #ShePersisted memes, as well as the rest of their projects including Call Me They, Post Traumatic Super Delightful, and @MenswearSelfcare.

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    The Strong Stance Spotlight: Kendra Brill

    On this episode of The Strong Stance Spotlight, I speak to Kendra Brill about her life, her time in prison, her struggle with addiction, her transition, her faith and her new book, 'The Kendra Brill Story: From Out Of The Ashes A Phoenix Emerges'.

    You can purchase the book here:

    You can connect with Kendra on Facebook here:

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    The Strong Stance: Angry, Broken, Processing, and Trying to Heal

    A lot has happened in the country, in the trans community, and in my own personal life in the last 5 weeks. The bulk of it has left me very angry and broken. Join me on this episode of The Strong Stance, as I discuss the events of the past month, including the Transgender Day of Remembrance, the election and its aftermath, my recent move and the toll that it’s all taken.

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    The Strong Stance: Adjusting to Southern Intersections

    Moving to any new environment always means adjustment: Taking a new job, starting a new family, moving to a new city. With each of these shifts often comes a new culture and a new social circle. And while building that circle can be at least somewhat difficult for most people, it’s particularly more onerous if you belong to a community that is not widely accepted or even understood. Combine that with any other minority status and the intersectionality of those identities can compound those adjustments. And what if that new culture is one that tends to be significantly more conservative? Tonight we have two guests that have recently made moves from larger cities in the North and Midwest to the Deep South state of Georgia and we are going to talk to them about their experience of ‘Adjusting to Southern Intersections’.

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    The Strong Stance Spotlight: Benny's June

    The month of June was particularly eventful for a lot of the queer community: Philadelphia Trans Health Conference, Pride, the Pulse shooting in Orlando and more...and clearly not all of it was positive. These events affected people in different ways and, in the case of Benny Rodriguez, they weren’t the only events that made June emotionally taxing. So we sat down for a chat about...Benny’s June.

    We discussed the Latinx community, the anti-blackness found at many of the aforementioned events, and the erasure that was so blatantly evident in the wake of tragedy.

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    The Strong Stance: Bathroom Bill Breakdown

    In the last several weeks, both the state of North Carolina and the city of Oxford, Alabama have passed legislation limiting or prohibiting the trans community from utilizing the public facilities of their correct gender. These bills are HB2 in North Carolina and City Ordinance 2016-18 in Oxford. Join me as I breakdown some of the points, counterpoints and realities of these bills and the harm they inflict on the trans community, as well as the complete lack of protection that they provide to the people who claim they are needed.

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